New Empire Vol. 2 Long Sleeve & CD Bundle

New Empire Vol. 2 Long Sleeve & CD Bundle

$70.00 was

Bundle includes unisex black comfort wash long sleeve with New Empire Vol 2 art on front, Dove and Grenade logo large on back, and lightning down both sleeves; Deadbite Lighter; Hollwood Undead logo playing cards; and New Empire Vol. 2 CD. Exact shade of long sleeve may vary.

**Lighter fluid not included. 


1. Medicate
2. Comin’ Thru The Stereo (feat. Hyro The Hero)
3. Ghost Out
4. Gonna Be OK
5. Monsters (feat. Killstation)
6. Idol (feat. Tech N9ne)
7. Coming Home
8. Unholy
9. Worth It
10. Heart Of A Champion (feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills)

+ Bonus Tracks for product description
Idol feat. Ghøstkid
Idol feat. Kurt92